Charlotte, NC
Date of Completion: Spring 2019
Construction Cost: $10M
Project Size: 23,000 SF

Provide a new Hematological Oncology unit within the existing 11 story tower at CMC and new chemotherapy compounding pharmacy to meet USP800.

The existing 4T unit provided cancer services, however the needs for the Hem-Onc unit included all patient rooms to be protective isolation. This required completely new HVAC services and complete renovation of the floor. Other challenges included the existing room sizes and existing plumbing risers throughout the space. For the pharmacy, renovations needed to occur over an existing operational ED.

Complete renovation (15,000sf) of the 4th floor of the 11-story medical tower (4T Unit) to provide 22 protective isolation rooms, and 8 larger progressive care rooms and new decentralized core area.

Complete renovation of existing PT/OT suite above existing ED to a new 6,000sf Chemotherapy and non-hazard compounding pharmacy, complete with 4 compounding hoods, storage and support areas.

Both the 4T and Pharmacy spaces were designed in conjunction with the Atrium Center for Excellence with the users, design and construction teams participating in two separate week-long 3P Lean events to design the patient rooms/core area and pharmacy/workspace.

Miscellaneous renovations that occurred simultaneous to this effort were renovations to the existing Stem Cell Lab to provide additional clinical freezer space, and relocation of the existing PT/OT Space into an adjacent Annex building.