Mount Pleasant, SC
Date of Completion: December 2020
Construction Cost: $2.3M
Project Size: 10,500 SF

East Cooper Medical Center in Mount Pleasant had a desire to serve stroke victims within their community. They decided to renovate an existing patient wing into a new Stroke Rehabilitation Unit with a Low Country character. The design accentuated Patient Room Streetscape Vestibules with overhead soffits, downlighting, and wall sconces. The patient rooms have new accent headwalls and discreetly hidden nurse charting stations. Each room is handicapped accessible and provided with generous window views to the outside. A spacious new Rehab gymnasium with patient lift to assist patient movement is provided. A new Day Room/Game Room was created to allow 24 hour recreational access to patients. A fully functioning Dining Room and Kitchen with Breakfast Bar was created for planning and preparation of meals to be shared by the recuperating patients.  A residential style kitchen, laundry room and bedroom were created to help patients relearn activities of daily living before returning home.