Pinehurst, NC
Date of Completion: April 2018
Construction Cost: $20.1 Million
Project Size: 72,000 SF

The 2nd and 3rd Floor Renovations at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital is the result of a 5 year Strategic Master Facility Planning effort we completed with the hospital in 2014.  The overall scope of the project provides 88 new patient rooms and renovates 4 existing patient units in the heart of the hospital.

The project includes 3 new units: 20Med/Neuro ICU Beds, 44 Orthopedic beds, and 24 Med Surg/Vasc. Beds.  The size of each of the new rooms was increased by over 50% from the original rooms and provide dedicated space for the family members and ample working space for the acute care teams.

The goals of this project include improving patient care, integration of the family into the care space and upgrading the rooms while not impacting the adjacent units (above, below and beside) during construction.