Huntersville, NC
Date of Completion: Spring 2019
Construction Cost: $26M
Project Size: 80,000 SF

Provide an expansion to the existing hospital to accommodate 44 acute care beds, 2 ICU beds, 4 NICU beds, 1 OR, and support space including upgrades to the mechanical and electrical infrastructure to support the expansion.

Huntersville zoning requirements limited the vertical height of the hospital making a horizontal expansion the only feasible way to accommodate additional space. The original hospital chassis had been designed with this type of future growth in mind based on the location of the existing surgical and patient room wing of the hospital. A previous vertical expansion provided a basis for how beds could be efficiently added to the campus.

A new 4-story addition, the largest single expansion in the history of the campus, provided the needed space for growth of over four hospital departments.

Much needed mechanical, storage, and shipping/receiving spaces were provided on the ground floor.

Surgery expanded on the first floor with one additional OR, a new procedure room and new Pre/Post and PACU bays which increased the efficiency of the surgical suite. Three large storage rooms provided space for three future ORs.

On the upper floors, the implementation of the prototypical patient rooms continued from the recent addition to the new. 44 new patient rooms provided for two seamless floorplates of patient care.

Renovations associated with this project included four new special care rooms in the NICU, two new ICU rooms, and modifications to future proof the pharmacy.