Charlotte, NC
Date of Completion: May 2020
Construction Cost: $13M
Project Size: 60,000 SF

Expand existing services to provide a comprehensive, centrally located facility, dedicated to women’s unique health needs.

Existing building was old and outdated and originally designed as an office building. Great location and great structure, but in need of new finishes, layout and design.

Recognizing that women often don’t take the time to take care of their own personal health, this project includes a centralized Women’s Center offering 36,000 sf of space was dedicated to:
– Women’s Health
– Cardiology
– Pulmonology
– Neurology & Headache
– Psychiatry
– Sexual Health & Wellness
– Breast Surgery
– Gynecological Surgery
– Pelvic Health
– Breastfeeding

Additionally, Breast Imaging, Dermatology, Rheumatology, and Rehab Services were added to the existing Diagnostic Imaging, Family Medicine, Pediatric, and Senior Care practices.